Strathnairn Community Benefit Fund (SCBF) will shortly be considering applications for several large scale projects each in excess of £200,000. All of these projects will benefit the community as a whole and the community has already prioritised them in earlier consultations albeit without costs being identified. Now that estimated amounts for some of these projects are known SCBF feels it important that the community be fully informed and consulted.

As of March 2018 SCBF has a total of £1,338,417 in accumulated funds. This is the total amount of money and with applications currently on the table of around £800,000 people should consider relative value for the community use of their money. This figure does not include any future community hub or extension work to Farr or Daviot halls. The fact that one idea is further off down the track, doesn’t make it more valid or important an idea.

In supporting these projects, the SCBF Board want to make it clear to the community that SCBF’s ability to fund any other large scale projects such as those identified above will be reduced and offer members of the community the opportunity to comment if they felt any of the projects should not now be supported.

Further information can be viewed or downloaded here and has been distributed together with the August copy of the newsletter.