At the SCBF AGM in December a number of special resolutions were approved aimed at improving SCBF’s governance and opening up membership to the community.

Part of the work will involve replacing the Strathnairn Community Council as SCBF’s “sole member” with community membership and appointing a new Board by public election.

To continue the review work of the past year and to implement these improvements it was also agreed to extend the service by one year of those Board Members due to stand down at the December 2017 AGM.

The Community Council and Strathnairn residents will be kept informed of progress and consulted where appropriate as proposals are formulated.

It was also agreed to start the process of creating a Strathnairn Development Trust with the help of local volunteers.

Thanks go to Isobel McQueer for her Chairing of the Board for the past fifteen months; to Scott MacDonald who has agreed to continue as Vice-Chair; and to Carol Elliot of Foundation Scotland for providing professional secretarial services and advice.

If you would like more information on the SCBF AGM including the Chair’s and Secretary’s report and the verified accounts, these can be downloaded from the documents section of this website

Ian Hunt – SCBF Chair