2018 Strathnairn Community Benefit Fund Board Meeting Dates

The scheduled dates for the 2018 SCBF Board meetings are shown below.  These dates may be subject to change.
Due to the confidential nature of grant applications, Board meetings are closed meetings and not open to the public. If you have any issues which you would like to raise with the Board, please contact the Secretary.
  • Thursday 25 January
  • Wednesday 28 February
  • Monday 26 March
  • Monday 23 April
  • Monday 28 May
  • Monday 25 June
  • Monday 23 July
  • Monday 27 August
  • Monday 24 September
  • Monday 29 October
  • Monday 26 November
  • Thursday 13 December

The 2018 Annual General Meeting

The AGM is currently scheduled to be held on Thursday 13 December.  Please watch for locally advertised information in case this date is changed.